Tom Cruise or Benjamin Button?


If you tuned into the Oscars this year you probably noticed how shockingly young Tom Cruise looked. He claims to have had no surgery and that his appearance is just a result of healthy living.  Hmm.   We are a bit skeptical.    What do you think?



* Dr. Farrior says…

Tom Cruise or Benjamin Button, why does Mr. Cruise look so many looks much better this many years later?  First off I think he is being honest in stating that he has had no surgical intervention.  There is the obvious and that would be a broader smile, more harsh lighting and a darker skin color in the earlier photograph each of these make an individual look older.  However there does appear to be some real changes.  The skin may actually be slightly thicker and there is no doubt an increased volume of a subcutaneous fat.  The easiest explanation for each of these is improved hydration and slight weight gain respectively.

Can we attribute any of this to Mr. Cruise’s use of the products available through the Church of Scientology?  I can’t say being unaware of what is in those products.  There is no doubt that being spiritually fulfilled and satisfied can make one appear more at peace.

There may also be a little Botox in the crows feet creating a slight lift of the lateral brow.  Who knows.


Only Tom really knows. Only Tom.

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